Kit’s Law

Cover for Penguin Books Canada.


It is the Fifties in an isolated outport in Newfoundland. Nothing penetrates this antiquated existence, as television, telephones, cars, even roads, elude the villagers and the only visitors are fog-bound fishermen. Here, outside of Haire’s Hollow, lives 14-year old Kit Pitman with her mentally handicapped mother Josie — both women cared for and protected by the indomitable Lizzie, Kit’s grandmother. The three live a life of some hardship, but much love, punctuated by the change of seasons in the isolated gully where they live.

Kit’s Law is the stunning debut novel by author Donna Morrissey, written with the stark rawness of character and landscape of the Rock itself. Pictured here is the original cover design for what has become a much-loved Canadian classic.

Cover photo by Russell Hart/Photonica.